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Wed May 19 16:44:50 CEST 2004

>Just in case others have this problem:
>M-x describe-variable RET comint-input-ring-size RET will show the
>variable's current value.  The documentation string is missing a * at
>the beginning of the first line, so it cannot be set with M-x
>set-variable.  (Compare with the variable comint-buffer-maximum-size
>which does have the magic star.)  This is an Emacs convention, not
>specific to ESS.  Any suggestions for what we can add to the manual to
>explain this?


Well, I didn't see what the problem was.  But, in troubleshooting, we could say 
if you have this problem ..., then do this ...  And, if you have found the 
problem in the source of the missing *, just make a short patch and send it to 
the GNU Emacs maintainers; they are just about ready to make a new release.  
Please send me the patch, and I'll get it into XEmacs as well.

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