Behavior of C-c C-n

Martin Maechler maechler at
Wed May 19 16:09:18 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Henry H Stevens <HStevens at>
>>>>>     on Wed, 19 May 2004 08:00:12 -0400 writes:

    Martin> THANK YOU!  Adding (setq
    Martin> comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output t) to the end of
    Martin> my .emacs works.  On May 19, 2004, at 6:17 AM,
    Martin> Stephen Eglen wrote:

By the way, I have -- for a long time -- set it to
 'others (instead of t)
which for me seemed to be better.

Other opinions on this?

    >> Richard M. Heiberger writes:
    >>> it looks like the variable
    >>> comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output
    >>> didn't get set when we moved R to its own frame.
    >>> For a temporary fix, from the *R* buffer, enter M-x :
    >>> (setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output t)
    >>  To follow up on Rich's email, and on my earlier emails,
    >> I think the temporary fix for the problem of not seeing
    >> the end of R output is to add this to the end of your
    >> .emacs:
    >> (setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output t)
    >> [The reason I couldn't repeat this bug is that I had this
    >> in my .emacs file!]
    >> This is mentioned in the ess info file, but I thought
    >> this would be unneccessary; and presumably if ESS 5.1.24
    >> worked for others without setting this extra var, I did
    >> introduce a bug somewhere, and will look into this.
    >> Stephen
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