Behavior of C-c C-n

Patrick Connolly p.connolly at
Tue May 18 05:22:40 CEST 2004

On Mon, 17-May-2004 at 09:59PM -0500, Paul Johnson wrote:

|> I don't know if I understand your point.  In Windows or Linux with
|> the newest ESS, C-c C-n causes the current line to run and it
|> advances the cursor location to the next line in the code.  I don't

In the window with the code you're running, yes.

|> understand what you mean "would like my R process window to keep up
|> with the current submitted code."

In previous versions of ESS I've used (including 5.2.0rc3), at the
same time in the *R* buffer, point would move to the end of the buffer
displaying the result of running the submitted code.  Very useful.
That's changed with 5.2.0.

|> I see the R commands run in the ESS *R* window.

... provided the results will fit in the visible bit of window.
Often, the results run out of space to display and I'm oblivious to
errors being produced without specifically going back to the end of
that buffer.  Not convenient.

|> However, I do see the issue, which I *THINK* was always present in ESS, 
|> that the R session running under ESS does not add the commands to the R 
|> history that are sent over from the R code buffer. So Control-up-arrow 
|> does not cause the ESS *R* buffer to step backwards through the commands 
|> that ESS submitted.

I've seldom wanted to keep that in the history.  It's code already in
a file, so I've not missed its omission from the history.  There could
be times where it would be useful to have it optional (maybe).


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