Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sat May 15 00:05:56 CEST 2004

Two relevant changes were made in ESS 5.2.0.  (The XEmacs number ESS 1.07 corresponds,
I think, to ESS 5.1.21.  The XEmacs numbering scheme counts from when they started
including ESS, not to what we call it.)

The principal change is that the *R* buffer now appears in its own frame.
(Of course, you can turn that off if you want to.)

The second difference is due to a mismatch between Dr Fox's recommendations and those
of the ESS core group.  The emacs standard is that the *scratch* buffer is in
lisp-interaction-mode, not in R-mode.  We recently asked Dr. Fox to change his
recommendations to conform to that standard.

We recommend that you open a file in R-mode, for example,
  C-x C-f myfile.r
and then work in exactly the same manner that you used to work.  The difference is
that myfile.r is a real file, not just a buffer.  You will be prompted to save it
when you quit Emacs.

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