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further to Kaspar's message, once you have highlighted the region,
you can use M-; to comment/uncomment.



>>>>> "Kasper" == Kasper Daniel Hansen <k.hansen at> writes:

    Kasper> On Sat, Mar 27, 2004 at 12:10:40AM -0800, Fred J. wrote:
    >> Hello
    >> is there a way to comment/uncomment multiple lines at
    >> once.

    Kasper> You have the commands
    Kasper>  M-x comment-region
    Kasper>  M-x uncomment-region
    Kasper> If you are to unfamiliar with "emacs-speak", the region is the part of the 
    Kasper> text which is highlighted using the mouse or
    Kasper>  C-SPC set-mark

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