C-c C-c does not kill data editor

Jean Eid jeaneid at chass.utoronto.ca
Fri Mar 26 17:07:59 CET 2004

Dear all,

I am running ESS, Xemacs, R 8.1 on a debian testing dist (i386 arch). when
I envoke  the edit(data) command, a data editor appears and all is fine.
However executing C-c C-c will only blank out the data frame in the data editor
and does not kill it. I have to go and kill it with the mouse in order to
be able to type anything else on the xemacs-ESS session. On a Win XP
machine it works fine the C-c C-c does kill the data editor completely.

Note on the debian machine when issuing C-c C-c, the data frame will not
print in Xemacs even when killed manually. However, If only killed
manually the data frame will print in the ESS session.

Thank you for your help.

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