ESS commands

Fred J. phddas at
Mon Mar 22 07:50:51 CET 2004

--- "Richard M. Heiberger" <rmh at> wrote:
> Please read the manual in
>   ess-5.2.0.beta3/doc/html/ess.html
> with your Windows Explorer.

could not find ess.html any where on my system.
certainly not in C:\Program Files\R\rw1081\doc\manual
and not in C:\Program Files\R\rw1081\doc\html

> The lines you sent:
> > for the top window, the modeline says
> > Raw-----XEmacs: *Scratch*     (ESS[S] PenDel Font 
> > [none]) -----All-----
> show two problems.
> 1. You are allowing your mailer to fold lines.
> 2. The *Scratch* window should never be in ESS[S]
> mode.
this is all Greek for me, I wish I can understand what
you are saying unless you could give some steps and
explnation on meaning and why.  much appriciated.

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