ESS commands

Fred J. phddas at
Sat Mar 20 18:44:52 CET 2004

for the top window, the modeline says
Raw-----XEmacs: *Scratch*     (ESS[S] PenDel Font 
[none]) -----All-----
for the bottom window the modeline says
Raw-----XEmacs: *R*     (iESS[S] PenDel Font  [R:
run]) -----Bot-----

> > how do find what keyboard commands for 
> > Paste R Line
> > Paste R Para
> > Paste R Fun
> > Paste R Regi
> > Info
those are all buttons on the tool bar above the top
window the first 4 buttons are green, the last is gray
and there is alose 2 more before the info button which
are Source R buffer and stop.

weather the cursor is in either window, and upon
typing C-x or C-c the follwing shows in the echo area
"Xemacs does not own the primary selection".
I understand that both of the above key strocks are
not complete commands, but when it shows the text
mentioned above with a beep, it does not accept any
further key strocks.


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