ESS commands

Fred J. phddas at
Fri Mar 19 21:36:53 CET 2004

using ESS with W2K
I am having some frstrating little problems.
how do find what keyboard commands for 
Paste R Line
Paste R Para
Paste R Fun
Paste R Regi

the second
what is the keyboard command to move the focus form
one fram to another, like from the Scratch to iESS and

the third problem
it had 2 frams before I used the mouse the draged the
edge of the window to make it smaller, it closed up
the Scratch Fram. who do I reopen it back up?

on C-x or C-c gives "Xemacs does not own the primary
selection". how then would I issue keyboard commands 
in the iESS fram?

thanks alot

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