ess bets mismanages help output?

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Fri Mar 19 18:59:28 CET 2004

All good points and suggestions.   See below:

Paul Johnson <pauljohn at> writes:

> You've been so responsive that I hate to test your patience. But if
> you don't mind, can I say that I think the best thing would be to
> cause ESS to pop up a new frame in which to display help buffers.  In
> fact, it would be better for me if BOTH the R session that ESS
> launches and the R help messages were in their own frames. Rcmdr does
> this and it is pleasant!
> I want 2  big full window buffers, one with R and one with the ESS and
> R code.  It is a total downer that I have to constantly rearrange
> buffers. If I make a new frame and put the R session in there, then
> every time I run a command through ESS (with the execute & go thing)
> it splits my code frame and shows R in the other part.  If ESS just
> had the habit of writing in its own frame, it would be nicer for me.
> And, while I'm at it, here are a couple of other things I notice since
> upgrading to the beta version.
> 1. I find CONTROL-up this thing annoying.  In the R session, start
> typing some command, and then realize you forgot the syntax, so do
> CONTROL-up to find the command from before.  WHen you do that, the
> characters that were typed before CONTROL-up are appended to the end
> of the command line, so you can't run the command from before.

This is a feature (matching appropriate input) not a bug, sorry!  

> 2. I wish it were easy to transfer commands that I type into the R
> session back into the ESS buffer.  Here's the way I use ESS and R.  In
> the R session, I experiment with commands until they work. Since name
> completion is available, that's more convenient than typing into ESS
> buffer and then running.  When they do what I want, I copy them to the
> ESS buffer, so I can save and come  back and run again.  The
> highlighting in the R session under ESS makes it frustrating to select
> lines.  If there were "copy to pointer location in most recent ESS
> buffer" it would be very much more fun.

I'm really confused by ESS and R sessions.  What exactly are they?
Within-Emacs R-mode windows and inferior R process?

I _ALWAYS_ get name completion in the R-mode windows.
It sounds like a mis-understanding on your part, but I don't
understand what you are trying to describe.

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