ess bets mismanages help output?

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Fri Mar 19 15:50:29 CET 2004

>>   options(htmlhelp = TRUE)
>> or did this stop working ?
>> (for me, help.start() doesn't even work currently with a running
>>  Mozilla, you see how much I use the 'only true' interface ..).
>Martin, from Paul's description, here is what I thought happened:
>If you do help.start(), then subsequent ?lm  calls appeared in the
>I know that ESS grabs the ?lm and sends it to R, redirecting the
>But you are suggesting that R will "grab the help and shove it into
>the browser" if that option is set?  (I don't have a browser with Java
>currently running on this laptop, can't test).

Hmmm.  options(htmlhelp = TRUE) does nothing for me.  I still get ?lm in an 
emacs buffer.  Of course, I'm using help.start(), but Martin seems to be using 
something else; what is that?  By the way, is anyone else bothered by the 
sporadic highlighting of the 'for's, 'in's, 'switch's, etc. of their output.  
Shouldn't just the input be highlighted, i.e. lines that start with '>' or '+'?  
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