AW: [ESS] Does anyone use M-x ess-create-object-name-db? (Was: ob ject name completion slow)

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at
Thu Dec 23 12:02:46 CET 2004

Offenthaler Ivo writes:
 > Dear Alun,
 > following Stephen Egles's hint, I searched for the expression:
 > (if (or (equal window-system 'w32) (equal window-system 'win32)) in file
 > ess-inf.el
 > and commented out all subsequent (sleep-for n) instructions.
 > For instance:
 > 	      (if (or (equal window-system 'w32) (equal window-system
 > 'win32))
 > 	      (sleep-for 0.5))
 > became:
 > 	      (if (or (equal window-system 'w32) (equal window-system
 > 'win32))
 > 	      ;(sleep-for 0.5))
 > Work's fine for me.
 > cheers, Ivo

Yes, for all those working on Emacs (not XEmacs) on windows machine,
the completion code is so slow because of multiple sleep-for
commands.  The worst is one with (sleep-for 4) - which is in a
function called many times.  For now, the temporary fix would be to

;; TEMPORARY FIX !!! Do not keep in .emacs when new ESS is released.
(setq window-system 'mswindows)

in which case a couple of people (including Ivo) have confirmed the
completion is no longer slow.  We plan to release a new version soon
that has this fix.


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