[ESS] Does anyone use M-x ess-create-object-name-db?

A.J. Rossini blindglobe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 08:06:49 CET 2004

Hopefully, some of the optimization (well, removal of ancient cruft to
handle pentium-1 and slow pentium-2 class machines, i.e. 200Mhz and
less) for the next version should solve the slow-down issue.

Thanks to Stephen E. for profiling and identifying the problem...

(It's still "hopefully", but I think we've identified the issue in ESS-core).


On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 10:51:48 +1100, Alun Pope <popea at stgeorge.com.au> wrote:
> Hi
> My response to Stephen relates to *R*.
> I do not use either M-x ess-create-object-name-db or <TAB> for
> completions because both are so slow.  I note that there was some
> traffic recently on this list about the slowness some users were
> experiencing with this process.  I will look into this in the new year
> but can't deal with it now.  In case it is helpful I include some
> observations.  I am sorry I cannot produce a better description for the
> moment.  For me the work around is not to use this feature in the *R*
> buffer.  (Unfortunately I have sometimes accidentally invoked it by
> hitting <TAB> carelessly.  Took me ages to work out what I had done the
> first time!)
> Thanks guys for all your great work on this.
> Best wishes
> Alun
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> Dr Alun Pope
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> ------details--------
> I ran a test just now.  M-x ess-create-object-name-db took 150 secs on
> my (not slow) machine under Windows 2000.  A subsequent <TAB> took the
> same time because the ess-create-object-name-db command was apparently
> executed again even though I had just (I thought) created the name-db.
> It seems to me that there is a problem that some R-objects are being
> dealt repeatedly.  An extract from the *Message* buffer follows.  I do
> not know how many times the first line was reported as this was all the
> buffer contained.  The lines which were not repeated seemed to execute
> in a much more reasonable time.
> *Message*------------------------------------------------------------------
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOutRefined...done
> Forming completions for treeInOut...done
> Forming completions for treeInOut...done
> Forming completions for treeInOut...done
> Forming completions for package:rpart...done
> Forming completions for DBPDmappings...done
> Forming completions for DBPDmappings...done
> Forming completions for package:concord...done
> Forming completions for package:mda...done
> Forming completions for package:class...done
> Forming completions for package:Design...done
> Forming completions for package:survival...done
> Forming completions for package:splines...done
> Forming completions for package:Hmisc...done
> Forming completions for package:acepack...done
> Forming completions for package:lattice...done
> Forming completions for package:grid...done
> Forming completions for package:MASS...done
> Forming completions for Moodys...done
> Forming completions for package:methods...done
> Forming completions for package:stats...done
> Forming completions for package:graphics...done
> Forming completions for package:grDevices...done
> Forming completions for package:utils...done
> Forming completions for package:datasets...done
> Forming completions for Autoloads...done
> Forming completions for package:base...done
> Loading view...done
> Hit space to flush
> Auto-saving...done
> Loading info...
> Loading tool-bar...done
> Loading info...done
> Composing main Info directory...
> Mark set
> Composing main Info directory...done
> Auto-saving...done
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Version information
> GNU Emacs 21.3.1 (i386-mingw-nt5.0.2195) of 2004-03-11 on NYAUMO
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:48:43 +0000
> From: Stephen Eglen <S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk>
> Subject: [ESS] Does anyone use M-x ess-create-object-name-db?
> To: ESS-help at stat.math.ethz.ch
> Message-ID: <16841.20747.218160.791219 at notch.amtp.cam.ac.uk>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
> As hopefully most of you know, ESS offers completion facilities within
> inferior ESS buffers, e.g. in *R*, you can hit TAB to get a list of
> completing symbols.  This is mostly done dynamically, and is fast
> enough on modern computers.
> However, ESS still has an older facility, whereby you create a
> database file of completions.  This is an optional step during
> installation of ESS (mentioned below).  If this facility is no longer
> needed, we can clean up the code and documentation of ESS a bit.
> Before doing this though, I'd like to check whether people still use
> this static facility.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>  7. (OPTIONAL) If you are running S-PLUS or R, you might consider
>     installing the database files.  From within emacs, `C-x d' to the
>     directory containing ESS.  Now:
>          M-x S+6
>     to get S running.  Once you see the SPLUS prompt, do:
>          M-x ess-create-object-name-db
>     (this will create the file `ess-s+6-namedb.el'; if it isn't in
> the
>     ESS directory, move it there).
>     Then, completions will be autoloaded and will not be regenerated
>     for every session.
>     For R, do the same, using
>          M-x R
>     and then `M-x ess-create-object-name-db' creating
>     `ess-r-namedb.el'; if it isn't in the ESS directory, move it
>     there).
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