[ESS] what is font-lock-pre-idle-hook

Jean Eid jeaneid at chass.utoronto.ca
Fri Dec 17 19:05:07 CET 2004

It has nothing to do with the ESS R buffer. i.e it has something to do
with loading .R files only. So if I load a .R file and I edited outside
the buffer (e.g. through pico or something) I get the message.

shortest example:
touch temp.R
xemacs temp.R
ls > temp.R # in gnome-terminal or something and go back to xemacs
Mx revert-buffer

The error will appear. However this problem only appears rarely since you
only edit the file outside of xemacs rarely while you work in ESS. I
thought there is a simple solution, if not I do not think it is worth the


On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Stephen Eglen wrote:

> Thanks Jean
>  > First Okay so I upgraded ess, no effect on the problem. The buffer is an
>  > .R buffer.
> Okay.  Is it all R buffers, or just particular ones?  (What is the
> shortest example? is this is with "xemacs -q" and then loading ess?)
> I just tried XEmacs 21.4 (p15) and do not get the warning.
>  > There is no *Backtrace* buffer, I guess the reason been because xemacs
>  > issues a warning rather than an error?
> ah, okay.  Not sure if we can catch a backtrace then.
>  > Emacs 21.3.1 does not have the problem. Same version of ESS
> If you google for "font-lock-pre-idle-hook" you'll see it catches out
> many different Elisp applications, all under XEmacs it seems.
> Not sure what else we can do ... Rodney, do you see this problem?
> Stephen

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