[ESS] what is font-lock-pre-idle-hook

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 17:48:02 CET 2004

Dear Jean,

You can help us help you in a couple of ways:

first, what buffer are you in (an .R buffer, a buffer running an R
process? or S, or Splus?) when you call M-x revert-buffer?  Is it any
buffer of this sort, or just extra long buffers?

Second, to quote the ESS manual:
   If Emacs reports an error, backtraces can help us debug the problem.
Type "M-x set-variable RET debug-on-error RET t RET".  Then run the
command that causes the error and you should see a *Backtrace* buffer
containing debug information; send us that buffer.

A quick grep of our latest sources didn't show that
font-lock-pre-idle-hook is called at all, but it may be something

Third, can you try another version of Emacs  / XEmacs to confirm/deny
if that helps/worsens the problem.

Thanks, Stephen

Jean Eid writes:
 > I have a problem Mx revert-buffer, I get the following message
 > (warning/warning) Error caught in `font-lock-pre-idle-hook':
 > (wrong-type-argument markerp nil)
 > Although the buffer gets updated, it gives me the above message and the
 > buffer won't be highlighted. In addition when I try to describe the
 > variable, it says nothing was found to match the name: font-lock-pre-idle-hook
 > Note that on a .tex buffer, I do not have any of the above problems. This
 > is why I think this is a good place to post the message.
 > I have the following system:
 > Xemacs 21.4 patch 15
 > ESS 5.1.21
 > Thanks in advance
 > Jean
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