[R] EMACS/ESS problems

Murad Nayal mn216 at columbia.edu
Thu Oct 2 18:55:30 CEST 2003


"A.J. Rossini" wrote:
> 1. I've never seen this behavior, ever.  Do you get the same with C-c C-r
> (highlight region, then C-c C-r sends to the R process in Emacs).  Or,
> if you use C-c C-n to step through the lines....?

maybe my environment is not set up correctly. C-c C-r doesn't do

highlight: (either in a text buffer or *ESS*)

v = c(1,

C-c C-r
switch to *R*
Error: Object "v" not found


prints in the one line buffer at the bottom: 
Starting evalutions...
and hangs (I have to stop it with C-g)

now if v was defined on one line 
ess-eval-region returns with Finished evaluation. but the v vector is
still not defined in R

I am sure I am doing something silly. just can't figure out what?

> 2. ess-help at stat.math.ethz.ch might be a better place to send this.

thanks for the advice. I'll try that too.

> Murad Nayal <mn216 at columbia.edu> writes:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > since we're on the topic of R-editors. I am using emacs/ess on a unix
> > workstation (to interact with R and have been having a little problem. I
> > usually write the R commands I need to run in a separate buffer then
> > copy and paste them into the *R* buffer for evaluation. The problem is,
> > if any command is spread over multiple lines emacs/R hangs when I paste
> > it in the R buffer for evaluation. if I use a debugger to see what's
> > going on in both programs they're usually waiting on a select statement
> > (input/output). Anybody has had to deal with a similar situation. any
> > advice for a workaround? both emacs/ess are relatively recent versions
> > (installed a few months ago). I tried using ess-eval-buffer/region
> > instead of cutting and pasting and the same thing happens for me.
> >
> > many thanks
> >
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