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Thu May 22 21:23:03 CEST 2003


Rich Helberger and John Fox answered my post.  Many thanks to both. 
Specifically,  they answered:

(1) Rich Helberger:

>The problem you see is probably due to the cursor not ending up in
>the right place.  Type C-g to end the current attempt at whatever it
>is doing.  Then manually move the cursor to the end of the *R* buffer
>and press the enter key.

>Please report back to the list whether this works.  If it is repeatable
>and others also see this behavior, we will have to either patch the ESS code
>or modify John Fox's instructions.

No, it did not work!

(2) John Fox wrote:

>Did you read the configuration options near the start of my init.el file 
>and set them to the recommended values for Windows 9x? If not, this might 
>be the place to start.

Mea culpa!  John is  right! It worked all right after changing "2" for "1" and 
"nihil" to "t" in init.el  (as stated in  the beginning of his init.el )


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