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Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Fri Aug 22 16:52:12 CEST 2003

> Following the advice of this list I have used the obvious
>   (setq ess-sas-submit-command "ssh rasch /usr/local/bin/sas82")
> to do a remote execution (we're running ssh-agent so we don't need to set the 
> password). Since this works I'm tempted to move onwards :)
> Now I want to have two variables, such as
>   sasversion="sas82"
>   sasserver="rasch"
> and I want ess-sas-sumbit-command to work something like
>   (setq ess-sas-submit-command "ssh $sasserver /usr/local/bin/$sasversion)
> ess-sas-submit-command should echo "ssh rasch /usr/local/bin/sas82". The idea 
> is that if I do a
>   M-x set-variable sasversion 6
> ess-sas-submit-command should now echo "ssh rasch /usr/local/bin/sas6". This 
> way people could change server in an easy-to-remember way, without restarting 
> Emacs.
> Basically, what I want is to have ess-sas-submit-command to be build out of 
> some strings and two variables which are looked up whenever 
> ess-sas-submit-command is used.
> I'm not to familiar with LISP, so how do I code something like that above?


I don't believe that is the advice that we gave you.  If so, then you
will be re-inventing the wheel a bit.  I thought that I said that this
will be available in the next release which should be out in 1 to 2
weeks; the delay is mainly because we are moving to a new server and
anonymous CVS access is not yet available.  Sorry for the confusion.
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