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Mon Aug 18 17:49:01 CEST 2003

Rodney Sparapani <rsparapa at> writes:

> For the daring, this should work.  Check out the latest ESS via CVS
> from I hope you
> are versed in CVS!  But, we are probably only a few days from a new
> release (and a new server  In any case,
> as long as we are talking about unix-like OS's, i.e. solaris, linux,
> mac os x, this should work rather painlessly.  Edit your file remotely
> with ange-ftp/EFS/tramp (kermit can also be made to work).  Then,
> press F3 and it will login you in to the remote server with ssh server
> and run the program in a buffer called *server* as in your example.  I
> do this all the time, but you never know where your next bug will come
> from.  tramp is very tricky as is kermit so you should try the other
> methods first.

AnonCVS isn't really working anywhere -- please wait until Thursday!


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