default option for submitting code to the same process without any questions?

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Tue Aug 5 12:24:45 CEST 2003


When using R and Sweave, I normally have only one R process running.
Each time the cursor moves to a new chunk of code,
the first submission (e.g. C-c C-n) results in the question

'Process to load into: R'

and I have to hit return before that first line is submitted.
Is there some way to avoid having to hit return
each time I move to a new code chunk?
i.e. once a process is selected 
(R in my case as I rarely code in anything else), 
I want ESS to resubmit to that process 
without repeatedly asking me the same question.

I am on R 1.7.1, ess 5.1.24, XEmacs 21.4 and XP.



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