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Thu Sep 12 17:26:57 CEST 2002

>>>>> "eric" == Eric Belpaire <Eric.Belpaire at> writes:

    eric> I again checked that I set the right settings in ess-site.el; I have Ess
    eric> 5.1.24 with Emacs 21.1 on Windows 95.

Which version of R do you have installed?


    eric> It seems as if emacs selects ess-language=sas and ess-dialect=sas, although
    eric> I've set this to ess-language=S and ess-dialect=R in my _emacs
    eric> initialisation file.  I've customised it with the Local / Ess group.
    eric> I've provided below my emacs lisp code, the backtrace and the *ESS* buffer
    eric> content.
    eric> What's the proper sequence of ess function calls?
    eric> Where should I set which variables (if it's not in _emacs)?

    eric> Thanks in advance for your help.
    eric> Eric

    eric> My emacs lisp code is:
    eric> (defun cum-ndist (x)
    eric>   "Compute the normal distribution function value with the R package."
    eric>   (let ((cmdline (concat "pnorm (" (number-to-string x) ")")))
    eric>     (inferior-ess)

This would be better to be (R) or similar.

    eric>     (ess-request-a-process "Message") ;; this line may be unneeded
    eric>     (ess-command cmdline)
    eric>     (ess-quit))) ;; this line may be unneeded
    eric> (cum-ndist 1.2048)
    eric> ; End of emacs lisp code

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