Error message: "Unable to Open Connection when using C-c C-l" to load an R function

Ross Henderson ross at
Wed Sep 11 00:56:08 CEST 2002


I'd like your help in resolving this error message:  

"Error In File(File, "R") : Unable To Open Connection
In Addition: Warning Message:
Cannot Open File `C:Useruser.F.Go.Ac.R' C"

(where "User" is the name of the user's home directory.)

I'm running ESS 5.1.24 from within Xemacs 21.4.8 on a Windows XP
computer.  I am using R-mode (R 1.5.1).

When I write a function in one xemacs window, I get the error message
above when I try to load it into another split window (by typing C-c C-l).

In the recent past I've gotten other error messages when I attempt to 
load a function.  I think these past error messages were probably caused
by faulty configuration on my part, so I'm not ruling that possibility 
out now.  



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