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It's simple in Windows, with R :-).

>>>>> "rich" == Rich Heiberger <rmh at> writes:

    rich> This is not easy on Windows.  ESS uses the dde protocol to communicate with
    rich> S-Plus and NTemacs has that set up for one-way communication.

    rich> Here is the beginning of a complex sequence that does work.

    rich> In the buffer from which you wish to send the command (in my example I did
    rich> it from the *telnet* buffer in which I read your email) enter
    rich>      M-x ess-switch-process 
    rich> and then accept the S+6 buffer in the mini-buffer.

    rich> Now type 
    rich>    (ess-command "page(cat(pnorm (1.204859)), filename='tmp')")
    rich> in that buffer, place the cursor at the end and enter
    rich>    C-x C-e

    rich> The answer will appear in the tmp buffer in your emacs.
    rich> Manually, or under program control, move to the tmp buffer and read your
    rich> answer.

    rich> Placing this under program control is a non-trivial task.
    rich> Rich
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