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What is the error?  That will let us know what went wrong.

>>>>> "eric" == Eric Belpaire <Eric.Belpaire at> writes:

    eric> Hello,
    eric> I would like to evaluate the cumulative normal function distribution value
    eric> of 1.2048 from within emacs lisp.
    eric> As there is no such function in emacs lisp, to the best of my knowledge, I
    eric> want to compute "pnorm (1.2048)"
    eric> via an inferior ESS process by means of ess-command.
    eric> I have Ess 5.1.24 with Emacs 21.1 on Windows 95.
    eric> (ess-command "pnorm \(1.204859\)") gives an error message.

    eric> Is this feasible?
    eric> If so, can someone indicate where I can find how to set this up properly?
    eric> (i.e. the right sequence of function call to get the answer in emacs lisp?)
    eric> If not, I would appreciate any other approach to do this evaluation.

    eric> Thanks in advance.

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