Comment and uncomment regions

Michael J. Manning mj.manning at
Thu Oct 10 05:31:18 CEST 2002

Hi all

Can somebody suggest that best (i.e. least painful) way to bind a 
couple of keys to when editing functions when using ess (5.1.24) to 
run R (1.6.0) as a subprocess under XEmacs (21.4.something-or-
other) on a Windows 2000 machine?

As I have AucTeX installed and "(load "tex-site")" in my init.el file, I 
have bound two keys I like to (cringe) "TeX-comment-region" and 
"TeX-un-comment-region", which works most of the time with ESS, 
but it occurred to me that there might be (has to be) a better way.



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