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A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Fri May 3 04:55:38 CEST 2002

Not for about 10 days.  I'm out of town soon.

>>>>> "s" == S McClatchie <S.McClatchie> writes:

    s> Tony
    s> I appear to have been premature in my happiness over finding a 
    s> solution. Everything was fine until I tried to load (C-C C-l) a dumped (C-c-
    s> C-d) file. At this point I was passed to the debug buffer with the 
    s> message:

    s> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable replaced)
    s>   (let ((errbuffer ...) error-occurred nomessage) ::: replaced with: (ess-
    s> command (format inferior-ess-load-command ...) errbuffer) (save-
    s> excursion (set-buffer errbuffer) (goto-char ...) (setq error-occurred ...) 
    s> (setq nomessage ...)) (if error-occurred (message "Errors: Use %s to 
    s> find error." ...) (if nomessage ... ...) (let ... ...) (ess-switch-to-ESS t)))
    s>   (let ((source-buffer ...)) (if (ess-check-source filename) (error "Buffer %s 
    s> has not been saved" ...) (if source-buffer ...)) (let (... error-occurred 
    s> nomessage) ::: replaced with: (ess-command ... errbuffer) (save-
    s> excursion ... ... ... ...) (if error-occurred ... ... ... ...)))
    s>   ess-load-file-original("h:/DATA/TS.variability/R-
    s> src/smc.allometry.by.species.2.R")
    s>   (if (equal (ess-get-process-variable ess-current-process-name ...) 
    s> (default-value ...)) (ess-load-file-original filename) (ess-load-file-
    s> ddeclient filename))
    s>   ess-load-file("h:/DATA/TS.variability/R-
    s> src/smc.allometry.by.species.2.R")
    s> * call-interactively(ess-load-file)
    s> ----------------------------------------------------

    s> Even after removing the changes in ess-inf.el back to the original, 
    s> saving, exiting emacs and restarting it, the problem remains. Not pretty.  
    s> Can you help?

    s> Thanks

    s> Sam
    s> -----------------------------------------

    s> On 2 May 2002,, A.J. Rossini wrote (re: Re: [R] tab complete for R under ESS): 

    >> I've dumped it into the ESS Wiki, and generally, you should've, too!
    >> (just paste it into the form at the bottom of
    >> http://software.biostat.washington.edu/wikis/front/EmacsSpeaksStatistics if
    >> it looks horrid, I'll clean it up later; I'm auto-notified of changes...)
    >> For anyone else, feel free to add tips/tricks to that page.  I'll
    >> refactor it into smaller more meaningful pages (or someone else can,
    >> too! just let me know)
    >> best,
    >> -tony
    >> >>>>> "s" == S McClatchie <S.McClatchie> writes:
    >> >> System info:
    >> >> R Version 1.4.1  (2002-01-30) on Windows 2000
    >> >> ESS v. 5.1.20 using emacs ver. 21.1.1
    s> Colleagues
    s> Some time ago I asked about tab complete functionality for R under
    s> ESS on windows. I never got it working as well as I might have liked
    >> until s> today. It is still slow the first time while all the
    >> environments are checked s> but after that it works well. 
    s> The solution below might usefully go in the R-tips 
    s> <http://lark.cc.ukans.edu/~pauljohn/R/statsRus.html>.
    s> **** Please note: credit goes to my colleague, Michael Manning, not
    >> to s> me, especially if you do put this in R-tips *****
    s> Here is the fix, in Martin's words:
    s> ------------------------------------
    s> The lines you need to change are in the file "ess-inf.el".  You
    >> should s> be able to find this file inside the lisp directory inside
    >> your ess s> directory, e.g.
    s> "c:\Program Files\XEmacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\ess-5.1.21\lisp"
    s> You need to replace the line (comment out with ;;;)
    s> "(ess-command (format inferior-ess-load-command filename) 
    s> errbuffer)" 
    s> with the lines
    s> "(ess-command (format inferior-ess-load-command
    s> (let ((directory-sep-char ?/))
    s> (expand-file-name filename)))
    s> errbuffer)"
    s> and things should be sweet.  NOTE: this works for ESS 5.1.21 or
    >> 5.1.20 s> (and R 1.4.1)  under the win32 port of XEmacs 21.4.1.  It
    >> also works for  s> GNU Emacs as the problem is in ESS, not (X)Emacs. s>
    >> -------------------------------

    s> Sam McClatchie, 
    s> Research scientist (fisheries acoustics))))))))))
    s> http://www.smcc.150m.com/
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