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A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Fri May 3 00:57:45 CEST 2002

I've dumped it into the ESS Wiki, and generally, you should've, too!

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For anyone else, feel free to add tips/tricks to that page.  I'll
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>>>>> "s" == S McClatchie <S.McClatchie> writes:

    >> System info:
    >> R Version 1.4.1  (2002-01-30) on Windows 2000
    >> ESS v. 5.1.20 using emacs ver. 21.1.1

    s> Colleagues

    s> Some time ago I asked about tab complete functionality for R under 
    s> ESS on windows. I never got it working as well as I might have liked until 
    s> today. It is still slow the first time while all the environments are checked 
    s> but after that it works well. 

    s> The solution below might usefully go in the R-tips 
    s> <http://lark.cc.ukans.edu/~pauljohn/R/statsRus.html>.

    s> **** Please note: credit goes to my colleague, Michael Manning, not to 
    s> me, especially if you do put this in R-tips *****

    s> Here is the fix, in Martin's words:
    s> ------------------------------------
    s> The lines you need to change are in the file "ess-inf.el".  You should
    s> be able to find this file inside the lisp directory inside your ess
    s> directory, e.g.

    s> "c:\Program Files\XEmacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\ess-5.1.21\lisp"

    s> You need to replace the line (comment out with ;;;)

    s> "(ess-command (format inferior-ess-load-command filename) 
    s> errbuffer)" 

    s> with the lines

    s> "(ess-command (format inferior-ess-load-command
    s>                     (let ((directory-sep-char ?/))
    s>                     (expand-file-name filename)))
    s>                     errbuffer)"

    s> and things should be sweet.  NOTE: this works for ESS 5.1.21 or 5.1.20 
    s> (and R 1.4.1)  under the win32 port of XEmacs 21.4.1.  It also works for  
    s> GNU Emacs as the problem is in ESS, not (X)Emacs.
    s> -------------------------------

    s> Sam

    s> Sam McClatchie, 
    s> Research scientist (fisheries acoustics))))))))))
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