two problems upgrading from emacs 20.7 to

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Thu May 2 15:44:18 CEST 2002


The first problem might go away if you upgrade to 5.1.20 or the pre-release of 
5.1.21.  Can you check it out?

Thanks, Rodney

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>Hi, all.  I recently updated from emacs 20.7 to 21.2.1
>(powerpc-apple-darwin, X toolkit, from fink).
>I'm now encountering two problems using ESS-5.1.19 (neither of which came up
>with emacs 20.7).
>The first is annoying, but minor.  All my commands are now echoing.  The
>original command line is put in boldface, then repeated below before begin
>> plot(1:10, 1:10)
>plot(1:10, 1:10)
>Previously, I'd just have the command (unbolded) left on the command line.
>Obviously I can live with this, but it would be nice to eliminate it.
>The second problem is a bigger deal.  Previously, I could start a command
>running in the R buffer and, if the command was going to take a while,
>switch back to another buffer to edit another function.  Now, a watch icon
>appears when I start running a command, and I'm not allowed to switch into
>another buffer.
>I'd greatly appreciate any help resolving either of these issues.  If
>there's additional information I should provide, please let me know.
>Matthew Wiener
>Applied Computer Science and Mathematics Department
>Merck Research Labs
>Rahway, NJ  07065-0900
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