Running S+ on Unix from an NT platform??

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I am currently, and successfully, running S+6 from ESS on a Window NT
machine.  In the near future S+ will move from NT to a Unix plateform (Sun
Solaris); my NT machine and the Unix machine will be linked through the
company's network.  My questions:

1) Will I be able to run S+ from my NT machine?  I think the answer is yes,
through S+-elsewhere.  But all the documentation says is:

S+elsewhere is an interactive Lisp function in `essd-els'.
(S+elsewhere &optional PROC-NAME)

Call 'S-PLUS 3.x', the 'Real Thing'  from StatSci.

not very informative and seems outdated by looking at the version of S+?  For example can both the sqpe and the GUI
S+ programs be run?

2)  If the answer is yes, how will the ESS process know where to find S+ on the network and how does ESS tell to the Unix machine
which of sqpe or the GUI I want to run?

3) Where will the S+ output go if I run:

     a) sqpe, if it is possible of course.
     b) the GUI, if possible.  For exemple will I be able to look at graphs?

Thanks for all the info.

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