make-regexp in ESS

Frederik Fouvry fouvry at
Thu Jul 25 16:04:01 CEST 2002

|     frederik> I noticed you were using make-regexp in ESS.  Any reason why
|     frederik> you're not using regexp-opt, which is distributed with Emacs (for
|     frederik> quite some time now)?  It creates better regexps if you're
|     frederik> wondering about differences (e.g. [ab]? instead of \(\|a\|b\),
|     frederik> which gives wrong results).
| You mean, besides the fact that we've not touched that part in a while
| (since around Emacs20 or so)?

Never noticed that - I'm not really an intensive user (yet? ;-),
but want to start with R at some stage.

The good news for you (if you didn't know yet): the basics still
seem to be working in Emacs 21.1.  I can start it and run the

| It's a great suggestion, and patches would be quite welcome!  (it
| probably isn't as high on the priority list as a bunch of other
| things, including ecb integration (i.e. semantic'ising S/R and SAS). 

Since I'm only planning to use R, and nothing on that side seems
to be using the regexps, it's not very likely I'll dig into the
other parts.  But if I find something with R, the odds are quite
good that you'll hear of it (and even patches are possible).

| Could you file a wishlist bug report on the ESS site at



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