[Fwd: Re: reftex and noweb (file extension?)]

Markus Jäntti markus.jantti at iki.fi
Fri Jul 19 15:39:13 CEST 2002

FYI -- the reply from Carsten Dominik, author of reftex, to my query
about reftex and noweb.


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From: Carsten Dominik <dominik at astro.uva.nl>
To: Markus Jäntti <markus.jantti at iki.fi>
Subject: Re: reftex and noweb (file extension?)
Date: 19 Jul 2002 14:53:11 +0200


RefTeX currently does not work with noweb files.  I don't know why -
it is on my list.

- Carsten

>>>>> "n" == ntti  <Markus> writes:

n> Hi -- I am trying to use reftex with auctex and bib-cite together with 
n> noweb (under Emacs Speaks Statistics, to complicate matters further).
n> I fail to get reftex to use, for instance, the bibliography
n> information, so inserting \cite's fails. 

n> Digging a little into this, it seemed that setting 
n> (reftex-file-extensions (quote (("tex" ".tex" ".ltx" ".nw") ("bib"
n> ".bib"))))

n> in the .xemacs/custom.el file might help. However, this does not help.
n> The test file I have created is tmp.nw:

n> ==========
n> \documentclass{article}
n> \usepackage{natbib}

n> \bibliographystyle{jmr}
n> \begin{document}

n> <<>>=
n> x <- runif(100)
n> @ 

n> \bibliography{trip}

n> \end{document}
n> ==========

n> Parsing this file and saving the results create the file tmp.nw.rel: 
n> ====================
n> ;; RefTeX parse info file
n> ;; File: /home/markus/lib/cvs/common/tmp.nw.tex
n> ;; User: markus (Markus Jäntti)

n> (set reftex-docstruct-symbol '(

n> (xr nil "\\\\\\\\\\\\")

n> (index-tags)

n> (is-multi nil)

n> (bibview-cache)

n> (master-dir . "/home/markus/lib/cvs/common/")

n> (label-numbers)

n> (file-error "/home/markus/lib/cvs/common/tmp.nw.tex")
n> ))
n> ===================

n> The problem would thus seem to be with the name extention,
n> but I am unable to get reftex to recognize the extension
n> ".nw". I wonder if you could help?

n> Regards,

n> Markus Jantti

n> -- 
n> Markus Jantti
n> Statistics Finland and University of Tampere
n> markus.jantti at iki.fi
n> http://www.iki.fi/~mjantti

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