Getting started with R, Emacs, & ESS

Paul Schwarz at
Sun Jul 14 22:12:40 CEST 2002


I have a PC running Windows 2000, and I recently downloaded and installed R
v1.5.1,  GNU Emacs v21.2, and ESS v5.1.21.  The combination appears to be
working more or less OK.  However, I would appreciate some help
understanding and configuring a few things.  Some of these things may be
documentation issues; others may be related to my lack of experience and/or
"rustiness" working with GNU Emacs (the last time I really worked with Emacs
was about 5 years or so ago using, I believe, v19.55).

1)  I'd like to know how to customize the colors used by ESS to highlight R
commands, etc.  I believe that this is related to font-lock.  I've found a
variable called "ess-mode-font-lock-keywords", but describing its contents
hasn't helped me understand how to make the necessary modifcations to the
color scheme for ESS.  How do I do this?

2) I've also read in the documentation about the STERM variable that is set
upon starting iESS.  The documentation also talks about other choices such
as Rgui.  First of all, why would I want to use Rgui rather than iESS?
Second, how would I actually make a change in my .emacs file?

3) I've seen mention of a "gnuclient" program (it's listed on the startup
options when I start R, for example).  What is it?  Do I need it?  Want it?
Where do I get it?  I know I don't have it.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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