ES: minor, but disconcerting, problems

Andreas Kiermeier Andreas.Kiermeier at
Thu Jul 11 01:35:53 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Tony" == A J Rossini <rossini at> writes:

    Tony> We really need a developer that uses S-PLUS, sigh...  I don't see this
    Tony> under R (not to the same extent).

    Tony> Any takers?  

Wish I could say yes, but just wanted to say that Shawn's (a) happens
for me too - well, slightly different:  when TAB is used to complete
object names, all packages attached in the search path are scanned.
This happens with NTEmacs 21.2.1 (also happened with 20.7), R 1.5.1,
ESS 5.1.21 on a Windows NT4 workstation.

I have followed the installation instructions (I believe):  The
ess-r-namedb.el file sits in the ESS directory.

Any ideas?



>>>>> "shawn" == Shawn Boles <shawn at> writes:

    shawn> Hi All:
    shawn> I am running ESS 5.1.19 with emacs 20.2.3 under solaris 2.7 as my interface
    shawn> to Splus 6.04 revision 1.

    shawn> While ESS is a wonderful tool, I have encountered several things that are
    shawn> vexing:

    shawn> a. Upon initiating s+6, I do not seem to have access to the namedb file that
    shawn> contains the list of splus functions for completion purposes.
    shawn> Instead, the first time I invoke help (C-c C-v), all attached
    shawn> directories are scanned to create the list of functions. The result appears
    shawn> in the process buffer.

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