Stuff that works. Wow.

Steve Youngs youngs at
Wed Jul 10 18:35:40 CEST 2002

|--==> "AJR" == A J Rossini <rossini at> writes:

  AJR> I know I sort of did it, but I'm incredibly pleased to note
  AJR> that the ESS package in XEmacs (i.e. installable via the
  AJR> Tools->Packages menu installer) works, verified with R
  AJR> (

That's fantastic, Tony!

  AJR> Thanks, Steve Youngs of the XEmacs team for assisting me with
  AJR> all this, and random other developers there for straightening
  AJR> out my mistakes.

You are very welcome.

  AJR> Even better, this was on a new iBook running Mac OS-X, XEmacs
  AJR> running via XDarwin, rather than my usual Debian (i386 or PPC)
  AJR> setup...  (this was on OS-X fink's 21.5.4 version of XEmacs,
  AJR> D/L'ing packages from site).

Whee! :-)

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