Allocating extra memory to R (redux)

Andrew Robinson andrewr at
Fri Jul 5 00:28:51 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I'm running the following on Windows 2000:

XEmacs 21.4 patch 6
ESS 5.1.20
R 1.5.0 (patched)

I want to allocate extra memory to R, much along the lines of:

C-u M-x R --max-mem-size=384M

but I can't.  From

C-u M-x R

I hit space bar and get

C-u M-x R-


and if I try to copy " --max-mem-size=384M" to the mini-buffer then it says 
[No match].

Does anyone have any suggestions?  It used to work some time ago.

Thanks much!


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