Using the TAGS facility in Emacs for R/S functions

Stephen Eglen eglen at
Sun Jan 27 23:58:24 CET 2002

 > is your proposal intended to replace Lubinksy-S-tags or to modify it?

It really is a replacement suggestion.  Perhaps it could go in

I've not tried the Lubinksy-S-tags version of etags, but it sounds
like it does the same thing as can be achieved with the -regex flag in
modern etags.  [The copyright line in David Lubinksy's version of
etags is 1988; the etags in Emacs 21 has been maintained ever since
then.  There were 269 diffs between his etags.c and the one released
with Emacs 21].  Unless anyone else feels like keeping it in the
distribution, the Lubinksy-S-tags directory can probably be deleted.


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