Using the TAGS facility in Emacs for R/S functions

Stephen Eglen eglen at
Sun Jan 27 05:25:32 CET 2002

 > Whilst still on the topic of regular expressions for finding function
 > definitions... ESS distribution (v 5.1.19) currently has files in
 >   ess-5.1.19/etc/other/Tags/

Oops, I just noticed that the etags regexp I just supplied could be
improved, so that tags completion works.  It also removes any trailing
whitespace after the function name.

  etags --language=none --regex='/\([^ \t]+\)[ \t]*<-[ \t]*function/\1/' *.r 


Finally, note that etags regexps are anchored to the start of the
line.  If your function name is preceded by whitespace on a line,
you'll need something like:
  --regex='/[ \t]*\([^ \t]+\)[ \t]*<-[ \t]*function/\1/' *.r 

Okay, think those should be better!


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