redefining (meta backspace) as backward-kill-word in xemacs

Thomas Gerds gerds at
Wed Jan 23 09:13:47 CET 2002

i think it is still important (and not too much mork, huh) to add
language specific ess-mode-hooks.  there are some commands that are
useful for S and R but not for e.g. SAS, that are always bound to
keys, no matter which ess-language. on the other hand the user may
want to specify language specific key-bindings for language specific
commands. for instance, i have 

(defun s-motif ()
  (ess-eval-linewise "motif()"))

bound to a key. of course i want to use the key in a different way
when doing SAS.

i am not sure however if all this works fine under emacs ...
;;xemacs only:

loading a '.sas' file and then \C-h b:

{		ess-electric-brace
}		ess-electric-brace
delete		backward-delete-char-untabify
return		newline-and-indent
tab		sas-indent-line
C-c		<< Prefix Command >>
C-i		sas-indent-line
C-m		newline-and-indent
M-?		ess-list-object-completions
M-S		center-paragraph
M-s		center-line
M-backspace	ess-mark-function
M-tab		comint-replace-by-expanded-filename
M-C-a		ess-beginning-of-function
M-C-e		ess-end-of-function
M-C-h		ess-mark-function
M-C-i		comint-replace-by-expanded-filename
M-C-q		ess-indent-exp
M-C-x		ess-eval-function

C-c `		ess-parse-errors
C-c linefeed	ess-eval-line
C-c tab		ess-complete-object-name
C-c C-b		ess-eval-buffer
C-c C-d		ess-dump-object-into-edit-buffer
C-c C-e		<< Prefix Command >>
C-c C-f		ess-eval-function
C-c C-i		ess-complete-object-name
C-c C-j		ess-eval-line
C-c C-k		ess-force-buffer-current
C-c C-l		ess-load-file
C-c C-n		ess-eval-line-and-step
C-c C-q		ess-quit
C-c C-r		ess-eval-region
C-c C-s		ess-switch-process
C-c C-t		ess-execute-in-tb
C-c C-v		ess-display-help-on-object
C-c C-w		ess-multi-frame-SAS
C-c C-y		ess-switch-to-ESS
C-c C-z		ess-switch-to-end-of-ESS
C-c M-b		ess-eval-buffer-and-go
C-c M-f		ess-eval-function-and-go
C-c M-j		ess-eval-line-and-go
C-c M-r		ess-eval-region-and-go

i propose to define s-mode-map, r-mode-map, sas-mode-map,
stata-mode-map, ...


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