redefining (meta backspace) as backward-kill-word in xemacs

Thomas Gerds gerds at
Tue Jan 22 16:42:31 CET 2002

baron at (Jonathan Baron) writes:

> I added these commands as follows:
> (add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook '(lambda ()
>  (local-unset-key 'delete)
>  (local-unset-key [(meta backspace)])
>  (local-set-key [(meta backspace)] 'backward-kill-word)))
> and it still doesn't work.  I should add that it has always
> worked in an R process.  It fails to work when I use gnuclient
> to edit, e.g., myfile.R.

as to my knowledge there still are no R,S,SAS specific ess-hooks.  i
modified the S-mode function for S specific customizations. you
probably dont want to do the same to the function R-mode but complain
to the ess-gurus instead but here is my solution:

(defun S-mode (&optional proc-name)
  "Major mode for editing S+3 source.  See ess-mode for more help."
  (if proc-name (S+3-mode proc-name)
    (S+3-mode))				;  (use-local-map s-mode-map))
  (local-unset-key 'delete)
  (local-unset-key [(meta backspace)])
  (setq ess-fancy-comments nil)

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