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Vladimir N. Kutinsky kutinskyv at
Sat Jan 19 01:42:23 CET 2002


I've just installed ESS to use R and I'm quite a novice at it. In the
docs it is said that setting "ess-insert-function-templates" to non-nil
value will result in the edit buffer containing a skeleton function
definition. It is also said there that the default value is t, which is,
as I assume is non-nil. The problem is when I enter C-c C-d in xemacs
and give a name of a non-existent object i don't see any function
skeleton, just a new empty buffer. I tried (setq
ess-insert-function-templates t) and also (setq
ess-insert-function-templates " <-function( )\n{\n\n}\n") in my .emacs
file but it didn't help. What is the problem?

Thank you,


PS At the same time, setting "ess-source-directory" works just fine!

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