error in Splus6 under Linux

same nogueira at
Wed Jan 16 23:28:22 CET 2002

Dear ess-help subscribers

I want to run Splus6 for Linux under ess-5.1.19/emacs-20.7.  After  MX S+6 
comes this error message:

 " Searching for program: No such file or diretory, Splus6". 

Apparently everything else is OK, as I have no problems  using Splus 6 
without ESS/emacs.  My .emacs file has the script  -> (load 
"/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ess-5.1.19/lisp/ess-site"). I am using Suse 7.3 
linux distribution

Thanks for your attention


Eduardo Arantes Nogueira, MD, PhD   
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
University of Campinas School of Medicine
Campinas, Sao Paulo

nogueira at
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