Using R under Emacs

JIRUŠE Marek jiruse at
Tue Jan 15 19:36:34 CET 2002

Thank all of you for your hints. I tried to implement them without any
success unfortunately.

>A.J. Rossini wrote:	I think that you may need  to check this, to
verify that you are
>indeed able to run R.    I.e. read through it to see if there are
things to change!
>(BTW, R 1.4.0 or R 1.3.1 maybe preferred to R 1.3.0).

->The only thing I think might be changed in the "lisp/ess-site.el" is
->(setq-default inferior-R-program-name
"C:/Progra~1/R/rw1030/bin/Rterm") ; msdos systems
->From the ESS sites
( I learned
->that -->ESS version 5.1.n (n >= 2) requires Emacs version 19.34(1) or
later. It has been ->most thoroughly tested with: R versions >=0.49 on
the following platforms
->Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT with the following versions of emacs: Emacs

>A.J. Rossini wrote: So, from a command shell (dos box, whatever) you
should be able to run
>Rterm.  Can you?

->Yes, I do. 

>A.J. Rossini wrote: You need to end it with ess-site.el..


>A.J. Rossini wrote: What did M-x R work?  I'm guess that it said
something like command 
>not found?

->After having typed M-x R Emacs offered set of the comands to complete.
None of them 
->started R session.

>Rich Heiberger wrote: Also which version of Windows?  W2000 doesn't use

->I am using Windows 98

>Emmanuel Paradis wrote> You could have a look at the file .../ess 

->In the document I came across the file .emacs. Is it really necessary
to create this file ->even if I changed autoexec.bat?

Thank you                                       Marek Jiruse
Czech republic	         	

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