Using R under Emacs

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Tue Jan 15 15:35:40 CET 2002

>>>>> "j" == jiruse  <JIRU> writes:

    j> Dear R-help, I would like to use R 1.3.0 under emacs-20.7. with
    j> the help of ess-5.1.19 in the windows system. I downloaded the
    j> ess-5.1.19 and tried to follow instructions strictly.

    j> 4.  Windows users will usually be able to use the
    -------------> no question
    j>        `lisp/ess-site.el' as distributed.

I think that you may need  to check this, to verify that you are
indeed able to run R.    I.e. read through it to see if there are
things to change!

(BTW, R 1.4.0 or R 1.3.1 maybe preferred to R 1.3.0).

    j> 5.  Windows users will need to make sure that the directories
    j> for the software they will be using is in the PATH environment
    j> variable.  On Windows 9x, add lines similar to the following to
    j> your `c:\autoexec.bat' file:
    j> path=%PATH%;c:\progra~1\spls2000\cmd -------------> It likely
    j> concerns to path to R program (?), so I added into autoexec.bat
    j> location of R (C:\Program Files\R\rw1030\bin)

So, from a command shell (dos box, whatever) you should be able to run
Rterm.  Can you?

    j> 6.  Add the line (load "/PATH/ess-site") to your .emacs (or
    j> _emacs) file (or default.el or site-init.el, for a site-wide
    j> installation).  Replace `/PATH' above with the value of
    j> ess-lisp-directory as defined in `ess-site.el'.  Use
    j> forwardslashes `/'.
    -------------> I found default.el where I added the line
    j> 							(load
    j> "c:/emacs-20.7/lisp/emacs-lisp/ess-5.1.19/lisp)

You need to end it with ess-site.el, so that you'll load the code (the
directory will not help), i.e. 
        (load ""c:/emacs-20.7/lisp/emacs-lisp/ess-5.1.19/lisp/ess-site.el")

    j>      If you wish to run R, you can start it with:
    --------------> did not work in emacs
    j>                     	M-x R

What did not work?  I'm guess that it said something like command not found?


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