FW: [R] ESS with Xemacs? [vs. Emacs, slightly off topic]

Warnes, Gregory R gregory_r_warnes at groton.pfizer.com
Wed Jan 9 02:09:37 CET 2002

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 >  ra
 >  I think this query is about R and emacs and gnuclient.
 >  We automatically change the editor and pager in S-Plus to
 >  gnuclient and gnuclientw respectively for S-Plus 4 and 6 
 >  under Windows.
 >  I can make the change to do the same for R under Windows.
 >  I wouldn't force gnuclient on Unix users.  They might be 
 >  using emacsclient.

Why not on Unix?  Just provide a configuration option (with a reasonable
default) and let the user select whichever they prefer.   They will almost
always want one or the other since the system default pager and editors are
more or less (pun!) useless within an emacs buffer.

Actually, as a default you could point to a small shell script containing:

	gnuclient $* || emacsclient $*  ## or vice versa

which will try one and fail-over to the other.  

If you do include such a shell script, add the code from my other message to
add an appropriate mode-line to the file...


 >  ESS should not start (gnuserv-start) as that belongs in the 
 >  users .emacs.
 >  ESS (that is R and S-Plus) are not the only potential users 
 >  of gnuserv.
 >  All potential clients should have access.
 >  Rich

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