NTemacs, ESS & R

Sean Richards sean64 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Nov 22 11:07:49 CET 2001

Just started using ESS with NTemacs and R and have 2 newbie questions.

1. This seems to be a FAQ but I have not found and answer to it.
When I open a file with a .r extension, emacs starts up ess, but then 
I have to M-x r to start up R-mode, is there anyway of doing this 
automatically? I think its reasonable that if I open a .r file that I 
want to be running R-mode.

2. When I am in R-mode I get a "iESS" menu, but all the commands are
pertaining to S, ie "Quit S", "Enter S Command". I realise that R is a
dialect of S but does it not have its own specific command menu ? 

That was it, pretty mundane stuff I know. 

------------------ Sean Richards --- sean64 at xtra.co.nz ----------------

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