font-lock-builtin-face not found?

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Tue Nov 20 18:14:15 CET 2001


The smart underscore bugaboo is on the TODO list, but it might take some time to 
fix.  In the meantime, place something like this in your ~/.emacs after 
(require 'ess-site).  Please let me know if this works since we don't have Stata 
on our Unix cluster.

(save-excursion                           ;;workaround for ess-smart-underscore
  (switch-to-buffer "unlikely-name.ado")  ;;workaround for ess-smart-underscore
  (sta-mode)                              ;;workaround for ess-smart-underscore
  (define-key sta-mode-local-map "_" nil) ;;workaround for ess-smart-underscore
  (kill-buffer "unlikely-name.ado"))      ;;workaround for ess-smart-underscore
Thanks, Rodney
>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 08:41:44 -0800 (PST)
>From: Patrick Ball <patrick_ball2001 at>
>Subject: Re: font-lock-builtin-face not found? 
>To: ess-help at
>MIME-Version: 1.0
>hooray!  That got a solid 90% of the problem solved.  The hook error is gone,
>and *most* of the "endless" stata keywords are font-locked.  (the "endless"
>crack comes from a comment in essl-sta.el - and I heartily agree)
>The keywords that essl-sta still can't handle are few (qui for capture syntax
>etc), and they are only ignored if there is no whitespace in front of them on
>the line. essl-sta doesn't want to begin indenting inside a program define (in
>stata there's no block identifier like { } ), so this occurs often.  If I
>manually insert whitespace, they're font-locked.
>I'm impressed with essl-sta's ability to parse stata's ugly macro language. It
>handled this line, and distinguished the macros inside the `' from raw strings:
>  di "model `mspec': e`i' = " %6.1f `e`i'' ", q`i'= " %6.1f `q`i'' ", v`i'=" /*
>     */ %6.1f `v`i'' ", v`i'a=" %6.1f = v`i'a[1] ", brat=" %5.3f `brat'
>sheesh.  stuff like that makes one yearn for perl's clean & transparent syntax.
>How did I ever debug stuff like that _without_ emacs? 
>How can I disable essl-s key bindings while I'm in ESS[STA]?  In particular,
>the ess-smart-underscore is quite frustrating: " <- " is not the same as "_",
>and the latter is important in stata (_rc, _n, _N, etc). 
>meanwhile, I'm off to reset the other keybindings that weren't to my
>preferences.  Thanks!  Another reason to love emacs.  Perhaps getting really
>comfortable in ESS will ease my (someday) transition to R? 
>-- PB.
>--- Rodney Sparapani <rsparapa at> wrote:
>> Patrick:
>> Apparently, font-lock mode has changed a bit.  But, I have never heard of 
>> font-lock-builtin-face so it's been awhile.  You can do a search/replace of 
>> essl-sta.el.  Here is a list of the faces.
>> ESS[STA]			Status
>> font-lock-keyword-face		good
>> font-lock-type-face		good
>> font-lock-builtin-face		bad, replace with 
>> font-lock-variable-name-face	good
>> font-lock-function-name-face	good
>> Give it a try and let us know.  
>> Thanks, Rodney
>> >Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:15:20 -0800 (PST)
>> >From: Patrick Ball <patrick_ball2001 at>
>> >Subject: font-lock-builtin-face not found? 
>> >To: ess-help at
>> >MIME-Version: 1.0
>> >
>> >Hello list - 
>> >
>> >I'm using ESS[STA], just starting out (though I've used Cperl, python-mode,
>> >php-mode, and sql-mode for about a year). 
>> >
>> >I'm getting a couple of errors: 1) it doesn't recognize qui { } blocks - it
>> >says the enclosing block is badly formed. This can be ignored. 
>> >
>> >More importantly, 2) it says that font-lock-builtin-face is not found when
>> >called from font-lock-pre-idle-hook.  The result of problem 2 is that the
>> font
>> >lock only  about half works. For example, "ge" is highlighted, but
>> "collapse"
>> >is not.  Plus it issues this warning every time the hook gets called.
>> >
>> >I think that most likely I've installed something wrong, and I've looked
>> >through essd-sta and  essl-sta, but I'm not particularly good at emacs-lisp
>> and
>> >nothing
>> >obvious occurred to me.
>> >
>> >my setup:
>> >
>> >RH linux 7.2, kernel=2.4.7 (pretty much a stock install)
>> >XEmacs 21.4
>> >ESS 5.1.19
>> >Stata 7.0/Unix (executable date 20 October 2001)
>> >
>> >I searched the 2001 archives of this list and found nothing relevant on
>> >font-lock or stata.
>> >
>> >Does anything obvious occur to anyone?  Thanks in advance - PB
>> >
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