font-lock-builtin-face not found?

Patrick Ball patrick_ball2001 at
Mon Nov 19 21:15:20 CET 2001

Hello list - 

I'm using ESS[STA], just starting out (though I've used Cperl, python-mode,
php-mode, and sql-mode for about a year). 

I'm getting a couple of errors: 1) it doesn't recognize qui { } blocks - it
says the enclosing block is badly formed. This can be ignored. 

More importantly, 2) it says that font-lock-builtin-face is not found when
called from font-lock-pre-idle-hook.  The result of problem 2 is that the font
lock only  about half works. For example, "ge" is highlighted, but "collapse"
is not.  Plus it issues this warning every time the hook gets called.

I think that most likely I've installed something wrong, and I've looked
through essd-sta and  essl-sta, but I'm not particularly good at emacs-lisp and
obvious occurred to me.

my setup:

RH linux 7.2, kernel=2.4.7 (pretty much a stock install)
XEmacs 21.4
ESS 5.1.19
Stata 7.0/Unix (executable date 20 October 2001)

I searched the 2001 archives of this list and found nothing relevant on
font-lock or stata.

Does anything obvious occur to anyone?  Thanks in advance - PB


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