ESS 5.1.19 & Emacs 21.1

Martin Maechler maechler at
Tue Nov 6 18:10:24 CET 2001

answering myself ...

>>>>> "MM" == Martin Maechler <maechler at> writes:

    thomas> It seems that a change in comint.el (between 21.0.105 and
    thomas> 21.0.106) causes the described problem. Undoing the following
    thomas> patch will solve the problem.

    MM> you are not serious, are you?
    MM> We are not supposed to patch Emacs 21.1 but rather have ESS work with it!

    MM> Has any body got a solution in the mean time?  (and anybody by
    MM> chance found an w3/emacs version that properly works with Emacs
    MM> 21.1 ?)

    MM> We would like to release an ESS version 5.1.20 that at least
    MM> *works* with Emacs 21.1...

I think they've changed the comint behavior in Emacs 21 on purpose.
Using  M-x shell
and then experimenting with
    stty  echo
and stty -echo
on the one hand and with
    M-x set-variable comint-process-echoes  [ t / nil ]

I see that shell-mode in Emacs work perfectly with our without echo.
probably, we should learn what they changed with (shell) and do likewise..


    MM> *** /tmp/emacs-21.0.105/comint.el	Mon Oct  1 13:12:18 2001
    MM> --- /tmp/emacs-21.0.106/comint.el	Mon Oct  1 13:12:18 2001
    MM> ***************
    MM> *** 1421,1429 ****
    MM> (delete-region pmark start)
    MM> copy))))
    MM> ! 	  (if comint-process-echoes
    MM> ! 	      (delete-region pmark (point))
    MM> ! 	    (insert ?\n))
    MM> (comint-add-to-input-history history)
    MM> --- 1422,1428 ----
    MM> (delete-region pmark start)
    MM> copy))))
    MM> ! 	  (insert ?\n)
    MM> (comint-add-to-input-history history)
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