running R under ESS inside emacs 21 prerelease

Stephen Eglen stephen at
Mon Jul 30 21:49:11 CEST 2001

 > I set the comint-use-prompt-regexp-instead-of-fields to t in essd-r.el for
 > ESS 5.1.19.  As I recall, the issue is that the command line by default in
 > emacs 21 is split into the prompt (> ) and the response (whatever you type)
 > and the inferior-ess-send-input (RET typed into the *R* buffer on a previous
 > imput line) got hopelessly lost.  I don't think this had anything to do
 > with locking the system.

yes, the comint changes to Emacs 21 now mean that the
beginning-of-line functions now take you to the start of _your input_
(i.e just after the prompt) rather than to the start of the line,
before the prompt.  From the Emacs 21 news file:

  *** By default, comint no longer uses the variable
  `comint-prompt-regexp' to distinguish prompts from user-input.
  Instead, it notices which parts of the text were output by the
  process, and which entered by the user, and attaches `field'
  properties to allow emacs commands to use this information.  Common
  movement commands, notably beginning-of-line, respect field
  boundaries in a fairly natural manner.  To disable this feature, and
  use the old behavior, customize the user option

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