ESS and XEmacs\emacs

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Tue Apr 24 16:34:41 CEST 2001

Rodney answered the xemacs question.

On NTemacs, you didn't give enough information to answer.  When I do
M-x R TAB then I get a completion response.  Normally I don't use the TAB
key, I just do M-x R RET and R starts.  So the additional information I
need is for you to hit TAB a second time and see what is in the completion
buffer.  If that doesn't give  you the information to proceed then send the
completion buffer to ess-help.

A stylistic comment.  Don't do your own work in the ess-5.1.18/lisp/
directory. That's where ESS lives.  Your work should live in your directory.
For example, I use C:/rmh/ on my standalone machine and I use d:/HOME/rmh/
on my office network.  Further, when I have multiple projects I keep them
in separate directories.  For example for one course I use c:/rmh/503 and
for another course I use c:/rmh/93/

Please verify that the path is correctly set.  In the *scratch* buffer, enter
   (getenv "PATH") C-j
I find that it is sometimes easier to set the specific variable pointing to
R rather than use the PATH.  In that case, I have on my machine

e a line in .emacs

(setq-default inferior-R-program-name "d:/Apps/R/rw1021/bin/Rterm.exe")

Use the correct path for your machine.

This will work on both xemacs and ntemacs.

If none of this works, then use the M-x ess-submit-bug-report command
and send that to ess-bugs at


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